Author's Biography


Kitty Irvine grew up in the north of England and married her husband in 1985. In the early 1990’s they moved to a small Scottish island where they lived a very rural life. It took one and a half hours to get to the main land by ferry. Their water supply came from a ‘wee burn’ and in the winter they collected wood to burn to keep warm.  They learnt many life skills and met some amazing people.

They were offered a position in private domestic service travelling around the world.

After 20 years they were lucky enough to take early retirement  in 2015.

Writing roots

One day whilst walking along a canal towpath Kitty came upon the smallest canal boat she had ever seen.  This was when she had the idea to write a children's book about a small boat. Kitty  could imagine children travelling along the canals on a magical canal boat having amazing adventures where they meet mystical characters and at the end of their adventure they find their treasure.

The Mouse books are receiving 5 star reviews on Amazon and have received wonderful reviews in national magazines.

All books are self-funded and professionally edited. 

No 'Kickstarter's' here!!

People are likening the stories to the amazing tales from Enid Blyton.

Welcome to Willowwood Snug

This is the magical new world of Willowwood Snug. IYou can join Tippy and Tilly as they get ready fo


Willowwood Snug is the most sunshiny happy place you could wish to go to.

Tippy & Tilly are identical twins who live with their brother Niblick and their grandparents in Willowwood Snug.

Tippy & Tilly are excited about starting school.

Come into Willowwood Snug and meet all the lovely animals and meet all the Snugers. 

This is an enchanting small book for 'little one's'.  It deals with the excitement of children's first day at school.

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only £1.99


The Trials of Eddi Dutch - PAPERBACK

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Eddi doesn’t expect much out of life. Unlike her best friend Chloe, she’s no beauty. Her biggest talent seems to be messing up and getting into hilarious scrapes.

But Eddi has no idea that her future has been foretold by an old tale in her village. 

As she is the third daughter of a third daughter of a third daughter unbeknown to her, she must now complete a set of trials to reach the goal.

So, this is the story of a naive and clumsy Eddi and the unforeseen challenges she faces to achieve her destiny. 

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  5.0 out of 5 starsSomething totally different - fabulous ! 

6 March 2019

Format: Paperback

Brilliant story - excellently told.  I took to Eddi straight away and felt for her when things went wrong.  My favourite was the tennis game!                      

Review from Jessica Dec 2018 -   I loved it, will there be another book? The cover (& writing) is stellar!!!!  

Nov 2018


Nayu's thoughts 

It is an extremely funny reading, taking on elements of fairy stories and putting them in a modern girl's life with amusing consequences. 

Eddi's grandmother was my joint favourite characters with Eddi: her schemes are epic, and she is determined that Eddi has no clue about her heritage or what her future is believed to be. It was so lovely seeing the story unfold: it was often embarrassing for Eddi, but she does end up with a prince, something I picked up on early on in the tale. Eddi is quite different in character to me in how she views and lives her life, yet I instantly liked her, and enjoyed her crazy journey. I truly hope there may be another book continuing Eddi's fairy tale story, because I'm sure it's going to be as eventful as this first story was! It's definitely on my reread shelf for when I need a laugh. 

5.0 out of 5 starsEddi's adventures. 

16 June 2019

Format: Paperback

Loved this story, wanted it to carry on x 


Tom & Beth's Magical Canal Adventure PAPERBACK

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bebWhilst on a camping weekend with the Cub Scouts, Tom and Beth come across ‘Mouse’ the magical Canal Boat. They embark on a magical adventure where they meet wonderful new characters, including Hairy Heather the Horrible Witch and the fabulous MacMoffat brothers and they really do find their pot of gold at the end of their adventure!  But there is an even bigger surprise for Tom that changes his life forever!

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Fred & Lottie's Magical Canal Adventure PAPERBACK

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'It’s the start of the school summer holidays and Fred and Lottie are looking forward to a promised trip to Disney World, but there is a problem.  Their dad has suddenly been made redundant and their parents feel there is not enough money for extravagances, so instead they are going to stay in a borrowed static caravan in Yardley Gobion - 'where's that?' ask the children, and what will they find to do there?

Arriving there they are determined to make the most of the situation and set off to explore the area.

To their surprise their exploration takes them onto a canal boat 'Mouse' which leads them into a magical adventure where they are transported back in time, trying to solve riddles to take them to a hidden treasure'.


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Sam & Lucy's Magical Canal Adventure PAPERBACK

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Sam and Lucy are taken on a canal boat holiday by their parents, but they find it rather dull. One day whilst out walking they came across a girl and her dog who are lost. They decide to help get Myrtle and her dog Mompy get home again. The three children end up having the most amazing adventure on 'Mouse'. They visit a Frog circus and meet the King and Queen of the Frogs!  They meet mystical characters who help them solve the clues to find their promised treasure and it means a whole new life for all the family – and a wedding!

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Peter & Emma's Magical Canal Adventure PAPERBACK

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As usual, Peter and Emma are sent to their Grandfather's for the school summer holidays and as always it will be the same old things to do and the same old places to go!
But this year is different, they discover a small canalboat called 'Mouse'.
This leads them to a magical journey on the canals where they meet amazing mystical characters like Bob who plays the saxophone, Tippy & Tilly from Willowwood Snug and their brother Niblick.
Their journey also includes a meeting with 'Black Bart' who tries to steal 'Mouse' but is stopped by the quick thinking of Sophie (the most beautiful black cat) from The Protectors of Magical Mouse (P.O.M.M.)
They finally find their treasure, but it is better than expected and changes their lives forever!

ebook is available on Amazon at £1.99p - FREE on Kindle Unlimited